SWIM CENLA practices at LSUA Fitness Center Pool

SWIM CENLA practice groups:

The team has 5 different practice groups.  These groups are divided by skill and age.  The coaches make all decisions related to promoting a swimmer to a different group.  

Novice Groups 1, 2:

This group practices for 1 hour with 45 minutes in the water and 15 minutes of dry land and discussion. The focus of these two groups are completely related to learning proper technique and developing endurance.  The swimmer's learn freestyle, backstroke, kicking and breathing techniques. They are introduced to breaststroke and butterfly.  These swimmers are encouraged to attend novice swim meets.

White Group:

This group practices 1 hour and 15 minutes.  The primary focus of this group is continuing to learn and become proficient in all four competitive strokes. They will have some dry land exercises and discussion. They will also continue to focus on breathing, turns, starts and goal setting.  This group is encouraged to attend swim meets once per month. 

Yellow Group:

This group practices for 1.5 hours with drylands and introductory yoga. These swimmers will continue to build on the experience and foundation from their previous groups. They begin to learn and spend time developing training skills. The swimmers in this group have developed good skills in all four strokes and continue to develop strength and endurance. They know how to use the pace clock and are learning the concepts  associated with interval training. The group commits to and understands the importance of attending swim meets.

Blue Group: 

This group practices for 2 hours with drylands and yoga. Swimmers in this group commit to attending practices at least 5 days a week.  This group understands stroke technique and race strategy. These swimmers are focused on becoming competitive within their age groups.  They understand and demonstrate good sportsmanship.


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